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Safe zone

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Safe Zone

The Safe Zone is an ellipse area for each fighting factions outside of the AO. The safe zone is, generally spoken, the same distance away from the AO for each faction. However, the available infrastructure and hiding spots differ from location to location.

A player and a vehicle within the safe zone generally is safe and invulnerable by enemy and friendly fire. However, this is not true, when re-entering the safe zone after it was left by the player. It takes up to 10 seconds for the player (within a much smaller area of the safe zone, usually around the repair pad and the spawn location) to get invulnerable again.

Within the safe zone, the faction has it's spawn location (usually at the back of the safe zone, when viewing from the AO direction) as well as the repair pad.

Not getting invulnerable again[edit | edit source]

When a player is in the safe zone, they get invulnerable (again) after at most 10 seconds. However, that's not true for the following scenarios:

  • The player shoot with a tank while being in the safe zone. In order to get invulnerable again (and being able to repair and sell the vehicle at the repair pad), the tank needs to move out of the safe zone first and come back.
  • The vehicle was staying inside of the outer safe zone (not within the repair pad or spawn location) to long. In this case, the vehicle will get vulnerable as well, and the player needs to move it outside of the safe zone as well first.

These measures where implemented to prevent excessive safe zone abuse (shooting or staying in the safe zone to reduce the possible timeframe an enemy can destroy or shoot them).

Safe zone components[edit | edit source]

The safe zone consists of a large, outer safe zone, which is the area a player is invulnerable while staying within this area. It will be marked by being filled with the color of the faction (blue, red, green) when being safe, and having an outline only while the player is not safe.

There're two other, smaller safe zone areas (spawn location/base and repair site), which will always be filled with the factions color. Given the player is not safe anymore, they need to reach one of these colored areas to gain safe zone protection again, which also takes up to 10 seconds.

Within the basis (spawn location) safe zone, vehicles will spawn, which are bought by players. Also, the mission spawns the base helicopter as well as the spawn vehicle there.

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