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Mission variations

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The King of the Hill by Sa-Matra mission has several variations for specific use cases and scenarios. All of them have the same core game mechanics and goal, however, they vary in what weapons and vehicles are available. This page gives an overview of the different mission names and their individual purpose and differences.

King of the Hill by Sa-Matra[edit | edit source]

The main mission without any attributes. A player has access to all available weapons and vehicles. Third person view is available. Involved factions available to fight with are NATO (BLUFOR), CSAT (OPFOR) and AAF (INDEPENDANT).

King of the Hill by Sa-Matra (Infantry)[edit | edit source]

The same as the main mission. However, the player has only access to infantry weapons and non-armored vehicles, with the exception of the Ghost Hawk (armed with two miniguns on each side). However, the Ghost Hawk may be disabled by a server setting (server-dependent).

Community King of the Hill by Sa-Matra (with and without Infantry)[edit | edit source]

Same as the missions without the Community prefix. These mission files are special builds for the Game-Service-Provider (GSP) which may limit some admin functionality. For the player, these missions doesn't have any visible difference to the non-Community versions. The player progress is also synchronized.

King of the Hill RHS by Sa-Matra[edit | edit source]

Modded version of King of the Hill using the RHS mod from Red Hammer Studios. Available factions to fight with are only the US Armed Forces (USAF, BLUFOR) and Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (OPFOR, AFRF), which makes this mission the only one where only two factions are fighting in the AO, instead of three.

Player progress is not synchronized with non-RHS mission (neither from nor to other mission variations).

King of the Hill 1944 by Sa-Matra[edit | edit source]

Modded version of King of the Hill using the Iron Front 1944 mod, putting the combat into the World War 2. The mission is discontinued, no official servers are left.

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