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    Countermeasures are mechanisms of vehicles to deflect incoming missiles to the vehicle into the ground to prevent a hit by the missile. Helicopters and planes usually use Flares as countermeasures, whereas ground vehicles use smoke.

    Flares[edit | edit source]

    The King of the Hill mission has a different behavior of Flares, which is custom made to make them generally more useful and powerful then the standard Flare behavior of ArmA 3:[1]

    Dropping a single flare deflects incoming missiles for about 3 seconds. This timer increases by another 3 seconds with every subsequent dropped flare up to a value of around 9 seconds.

    If a missile is shoot at the air vehicle from the front while the vehicle is over around 50 km/h, the flare protection does not apply and the missile will still hit the vehicle.

    Smoke[edit | edit source]

    Ground vehicles usually can drop smoke (if the vehicle supports it), which will, after some seconds, built a wall of smoke in front of the vehicle (the direction where the commander gun was pointed at). The wall usually covers around the half of the vehicle, leaving the back of the vehicle still visible.

    A missile incoming to the vehicle will be deflected by the smoke, as long as the smoke is still there when the missile arrives its target. This applies to both wire guided and guided (lock-on) missiles.

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