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Promo codes

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Promo codes are personal, unique one-time promotional codes, that can be used the same way as Double XP Codes, however, they not just grant 1 hour of double XP time each. They also provide access to new badges. Usually one promo code grants access to two more badges each.

A promotional code is bound to the Steam ID it was requested for and can not be redeemed by another player. Each Steam ID can receive a new promo code every week.

To get a promo code, a player needs to join the Kind of the Hill & Wasteland discord, and issue the following command in the #bot-commands channel:

!promo <steamId | steamProfileUrl>

Where the steam Id is either the players unique Steam ID (7656XXXXXXXXXXXXX) or the profile link https://steamcommunity.com/id/link-to-my-steam-account/.[1]

A promotional code is, like other double XP codes, entered in the player menu.

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